Monday, July 28, 2014

More update

Forgot a few things

Green onions...plant in pots

Parsnips, only a handful grew to be a decent size, skip next year.

Next year need to grow green beans and corn! Sunflowers and winter squash!

End of July garden update!

I planted 9 plants of sweet tomatoes in half the 2 pepper plants, it has taken over the entire bed, next year we will need to spread the 9 plants over a full 4x8 ft section.

Decided to clean out a few garden beds today. We planted the rainbow carrot mix, the white ones were the only great ones. I want to try a different variety this fall and be very careful about planting the seeds.

Cukes are not doing well. Drying up and dying at the beginning, ends looking ok. Want to try off the ground next year plus more than just pickling cukes.

Tomatoes are thriving. One seems to have blight, need to spray something organic and note the variety. Favorites...Juliets are amazing, same with the sweet 100s and super sweet 100s. The lemon boys and indego roses are very nice too, we will need to repeat all of those next year. Roma is decent too and one of the big tomatoes, need to check variety. Large Tomato cages next year for all but the sweet 100s. Will work better than rebar, that or short rebar.

Peppers finally getting bigger. Not really any favorite varieties. Jalapeno seems to be doing ok.

Need to plant more zucchini plants. Only gotten one so far.this year. Research how to grow better.

Time to go see what we can get going in the ground now!