Saturday, May 10, 2014

First harvest, seedlings update, spinach fail

Seedlings failed! It was entirely our fault though. They were nice and healthy, but we didn't have a chance to make garden plots so they got too big for their little seed starter thing and died. Only changes for next year...start peppers earlier, they are very slow!

Harvested radishes today. Took longer than expected.

Harvested some salad greens today. Spinach did badly. Only 3 plants came up from seeds, they were very small and slow growing, and starting to bolt. I started them in the ground. I pulled them up and added the few leaves they had to the salad greens. Need to try to start seeds indoors next time and transplant.

Kale is doing nicely, pulled a few leaves from the plants for baby kale in the salad greens.

Salad greens are all doing well. I thinned mesculin mix today too!

Also thinned carrots, a bit late, no real carrots but leaves are doing nicely.

YTD harvest:

Radishes: 9.4 oz
Salad Greens: 1# .3 oz

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