Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Garden pics! Peppers, tomatoes, zucchini and cukes planted!

First pic is the tomatoes. Phil planted them last night for us! We stake our tomatoes, which still needs done. We have 2 super sweet 100 plants (loved them last year), 2 romas (I plan on caging them since they are determinate), one indego rose cherry tomato...they are purple on top and red on bottom, one lemon boy (Charlotte chose this one!), one Juliet (roma/cherry tomato mix), a better boy, a big boy. 

We planted 6 pepper plants, hot banana, gypsy, cubanelle, mild jalapeno, sweet banana, and cowhorn. We took out spinach, of the 15 "holes" we planted, we only had 4 plants and they werent't thriving, and put peppers in. The cowhorn was an "oops" buy but we decided to plant it, its supposed to be spicy! 

I am always amazed at how much growth can happen. The bed with the sugar snaps was planted entirely by seed. Everything came up and is doing well! 

In the last bed, we planted one zucchini: black beauty, and 2 pickling pickling. Both transplants from Home Depot. In the middle, I planted some Bush Green Bean plants! They should be done before squash and cukes are ripe! 

What are we doing next? Well its been a slow year getting started since we have to dig the beds since this is our first year here. We cant use a tiller because its too rocky. We are also manually removing all of the grass from the top. In future years we want to remove grass between plots (maybe put rocks in) as well as fence it. We would love to plant more cucumbers, green beans, black beans, corn, yellow squash, sweet potatoes (their own bed) and watermelon this year. We hope to make more beds soon! 

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